10 Favorite Skylines in the World

Where to Find the 10 Best Skylines in the World

If you are a regular reader of my blog Arzo Travels you might know that I am obsessed with big cities – and their skyline, and I love lists. I have a  top 10 list of my favorite cities and thought I should tell you about my favorite skylines around the world.

The slogan “Faster, higher, further” sums up pretty much what I think a great skyline is about.

When it comes to skylines I have seen some pretty impressive ones, though I am still ticking off some other from my list – if you are more into colorful places during the day check out my post about the 15 most colorful towns and cities in Europe.

So, where are the great skylines in the world? Find out about my top 10 skylines.

10. Frankfurt in Germany

One of my most favorite German cities has the most beautiful German skyline. Frankfurt is also called Mainhattan (Main is the river if Frankfurt and in compliance with Manhattan).

Frankfurt itself is a busy city with one of the biggest airports in Europe – it is also the main business city in Germany and thus quite international.

Drinking great coffee and watching people AND of course, the skyline is a fun thing to do. So, make sure to add Frankfurt to your Germany itinerary.

Frankfurt am Main, Skyline, Eiserner Steg
Frankfurt am Main, Skyline, Eiserner Steg @shutterstock

P.S. Shanghai has not made it on my list, as I have not been there myself, but its skyline is also world-wide known and here is how I would spend my layover in Shanghai.

9. Toronto in Canada

I only spent a night in Toronto but that skyline with the CN Tower is among my favorites.

Toronto Skyline with purple light - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Skyline, Ontario, Canada @shutterstock

8. Singapore

The Singapore skyline is dominated by Marina Bay Sands, but there are many more great building.

 Singapore´s skyline
Singapore´s skyline @shutterstock

7. Sydney in Australia

2 landmarks shape the beautiful skyline of Sydney: The Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Okay, not only these two but they are definitely dominating the gorgeous skyline.

Sydney Skyline @shutterstock
Sydney Skyline @shutterstock

6. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

At the moment Dubai has not made it in my top 3 – since Dubai is developing so quickly this might change fast, but for now, it is my 6.th favorite skyline in the world. To read more about Dubai click here and you´ll find all my  (great :)) Dubai posts.

Dubai´s amazing skyline
Dubai´s amazing skyline @shuttersock

5. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

The Twin Towers, officially known as the Petronas Towers, are one of my most favorite buildings in the world (click here to find which building is my most favorite one). These towers are amazing and define the skyline of Malaysia´s capital. To find out more about Kuala Lumpur and what great things you can do there click here  or find out about the best day trips from KL.

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Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur @shutterstock
Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur @shutterstock

4. Paris in France

The Iron Lady, the Eiffel Tower, is visible from far and wide and makes this Paris´skyline one of the bests in the world. To see more pictures of Paris at night – which prove that Paris is the most beautiful city- click here.

Check out my 4-day Paris itinerary.

Paris Skyline
Paris Skyline @shutterstock

3. Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town´s skyline amazes me mostly because of the great Table Mountain in the background – no fancy man-made building needed.

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Cape Town Skyline @shutterstock
Cape Town Skyline @shutterstock

2. New York in the USA

This city is amazing and my favorite city ever. Looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn (and walking towards Manhattan at night) is one of the best moments I have collected on my travels – and this view comes totally for free (for more budget tips in NYC read this post).  It was a tough decision but at the end, NYC does not bring the trophy home.

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Amazing skyline of New York
Amazing skyline of New York @shutterstock

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong and I have a kind of love-hate relationship but I truly adore this gorgeous skyline and no other skyline has had such left a lasting impression on me. Curious to read more about Hong Kong? Then check out my posts about the city with the best skyline.

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Hong Kong Island from Kowloon
Hong Kong Island from Kowloon @shutterstock

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Which of these skylines have you seen already and which skyline is missing on my list? There are some more skyline I cannot wait to see myself and then update the list (probably) and these are  – Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Chicago, Tokyo and some more.

Are you also into colorful towns like I am? Then check out my post about the 15 most colorful towns and cities in Europe.



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